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  One of the really helpful things that you can do to help reduce prejudice and discrimination is to re-categorize. To finally, to expand your schemas, or expand your concepts of different groups. So rather than treating people (kind of like) a member of the stereotyped groups, to try and approach each person as an individual. Right, trying to see people as individual rather than part of a group of shared characteristics or stereotypical, uh, kind of actions, thoughts or beliefs. Another thing that you can do is have controlled processing. 

       Try to train yourself to be a little bit more mindful with people that differ from you. So suppress your prejudice beliefs and challenge them. Actively think about them and try to control the way that you think about the world that the processing that you might have. Another thing is to be open-minded, be open to new things. Don’t make up your mind before you have enough evidence to do so. So always try to be open to new possibilities, new people, new ideas, new whatever, and try not to again, make conclusions, maybe before you have enough evidence. 

       Another thing that will help with everything we’ve mentioned so far is to have improved group contact, always make me think about breakfast club with different people hanging out with each other, and this case by force, but still, it has this, uh, effective group contact. Hanging out with different people can increase your exposure to different people that you normally might not met (语法错误,meet). It will help you to re-categorize, to expand your schemas which we talked about earlier, so hanging out with people that you might not normally (do), expand your horizons, do new things, push your boundaries.

PTE听力干货:Summarise Spoken Text 例题精讲


  Reduce prejudice and discrimination 减少偏见和歧视

  recategorize 重新分类

  schema 模式

  stereotyped groups 刻板印象群体

  suppress your prejudice 压迫/压抑偏见情绪

  mindful 关心,在意

  by force 强迫性的

  hanging out with sb. 和某人玩耍

  expand one’s horizon 扩大视野

  push your boundaries 挑战自己的底线




  This recording is about how we can reduce prejudice and discrimination by recategorizing. Recategorizing is ….

  2. 写出三种解决办法:

  The first method is to have controlled processing, this means to train yourself to be more mindful with people that are different from you.

  The second method involves being open-minded and try not to make a conclusion without much evidence to do so.

  The third method is to improve group contact in order to hang out with different people, increase your exposure to people you don’t normally meet.

  3. 结论:(如果前面miss掉了某一项)

  In conclusion, to minimize prejudice and discrimination require us to expand our horizons, do new things and push your boundaries.

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