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  Describe Image 模板


  第一句:读题目or 主题句,Thisgraph mainly demonstrates…(标题)

  第二句:横轴内容,The X axis is about…

  第三句:纵轴内容,The Y axis is about…





  第一句把主题说出来This picture mainly introduces(主题)

  后面就流程一步步说出来,可以用简单句。The first step is…

  Then, later, afterwards, finally(用这一类词连接同步骤)

  最后一句,总结This… (主题)

  第三类, Table类

  第一句:This table shows the information about 标题in terms of percentage/millions/males and females between… and…(时间)。

  第二句:There are xx variables involved whichare xx.

  第三句:According to the table, the greatestfigure comes xx, which is about xx, while the smallest one comes from xx, whichis approximately xx.

  The greatest increase in xx comes from xxwhose figure increased from xx to xx, while the greatest decrease comes fromxx, and the figure decreased from xx to xx.

  第四句:From xx to xx, there is an increase/adecrease trend.

  For xx and xx/For all xx excepted xx,the figures are more/less than xx.

  总结句:In conclusion, they have positive/negative/nocorrelation with each other.


  第一句:This pie chart shows the informationabout 标题 in terms of percentage/millions/males and femalesbetween… and…(时间)。

  第二句:There are xx variables involved whichare xx.

  第三句:According to the chart(s), for A, thelargest proportion comes from xx whose figure is xx, followed by xx and the figureis xx.

  第四句:For B, the largest proportion comesfrom xx whose figure is xx, followed by xx, whose figure is xx.

  总结句:In conclusion, the distribute unevenly.

  第五类, 地图题(描述地理位置)

  第一句:This map/floorplan shows the informationabout the xx (the location/layout of xx)

  第二句:According to the map/plan, on the left/rightside, there is a building named xx.

  While in the middle, there is a roundbuilding named xx. On the right side, a xx can be easily found.

  总结句:In conclusion, it’s very beautifulplace.


  第一句:This graph shows the information aboutthe life cycle of xx.

  第二句:According to the chart, we can see thatfrom the beginning it is a xx, then it becomes xx, and then it grows into a xx,and finally it becomes xx.

  总结句:Finally, xx becomes to xx where thewhole process starts again.

  第七类, 一些自己没看懂的图

  第一句,把标题说出来。This picture mainly introduces…

  后面的句子如何说?尽量把图中出现的一些单词改编成句子,即使你说的不是图中要表达的,只要keywords 说到了,然后fluency 保证了,分数就会拿到。

  最后一句,总结以下,In conclusion, this is how (标题)

  Retell Lecture 模板

  1.In the lecture, the professortalks about….

  She listed several points about…

  First, she mentioned that…

  And then, she claimed that…

  +lecture 中配有的图片上的内容。

  2.This lecture is mainly about….

  According to the speaker, it is quite clear that…

  To begin with, he/she pointed out that…

  After that, he further mentioned ….

  To sum up,….

  3.This lecture is mainly about…

  At the early stage of this lecture, the speaker mentioned …..

  Especially, he/she highlighted the importance of ….

  According to the speaker, it is quite clear that…

  This is mainly because….

  As a result,……

  Therefore, the whole point of this is ….

  4.This lecture is mainly about…

  According to the speaker, there are (number) reasons/pointsof….




  In conclusion,…


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