PTE听力考试:Summarize Spoken Text 每日练习(五)

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  Summarize Spoken Text,好多同学第一次看到的这道PTE考题就几乎双膝跪地。首先要说的是,这道听力考题确实不容易做。特别是对想要拿高分的同学来说,的确非要下一番苦工练习才能有所突破。然而,题型看似很难,并不意味着得分一定很低。

  Summarize Spoken text考察了PTE 评分标准里enabling skills的content内容,form形式、grammar语法、vocabulary词汇和spelling拼写。


  Identifying the topic 录音主题听辩

  Summarize main idea 总结主题的能力

  Identifying points, examples, purpose, style etc. 听辩演讲人举的论点,论据,目的等

PTE听力考试:Summarize Spoken Text 每日练习(五)


  Spectacles 眼镜

  Assemblage items 装置

  Fashion terms 在时尚界里

  Be classified as 被分类为

  Medical device 医疗器械

  Prothesis 假体

  Artificial part 人工部分

  Major decision 重大决定

  Increasingly 越来越多的

  Different occasions 不同的场合

  Lifestyle dispensing 按照生活方式配镜

  At leisure 在娱乐时




  This lecture introduces the concept of spectacles and their application in different times and occasions.

  2. 介绍理论,写出例子:

  Firstly, the professor explained that spectacles in fashion terms are usually classified as accessories. But in healthcare terms, they are classified as medical devices. In other languages, they are described as an artificial part of the body and they represent one’s identity. Choosing a pair of spectacles is a major decision, within the industry, depending on the time of occasions of wearing the spectacles is called ‘lifestyle dispensing’.

  3. 结论:(如果前面miss掉了某一项)

  In conclusion, spectacles have different meanings under different contexts.

  以上就是小编为大家整理的关于PTE考试Summarize Spoken text技巧分析,希望对大家有所帮助。更多PTE官网模拟答案、PTE写作高分模板等问题可以咨询我们。


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